"Something that started as a small and fragile idea right after I graduated, transformed into my dream which has now become reality."



"Two things were the backbone to all of what The Disruptor Island is and will be.

First of all, all the feedback moments I had as a creative and all the comments thrown at me when walking down the street: “you are too much, you are too different, you are too creative”. Something I’ll NEVER understand and will NEVER give in to. I am NEVER too much, I just hadn’t found my place nor people yet.

Through the years I had so many conversations with people who were rejected at job interviews or who were assessed with a big ass fail because “you are thinking too much outside of the box”. Are you serious?! How can one be too creative?! That just blew my mind times 10." 

"Second is that I feel like the school system nowadays is lacking on so many levels. I feel like we as creatives are ready for a new way of educating. A new way of learning, growing and evolving. It’s not about deadlines and getting the highest grades, fuck that. It’s about listening to your own vision, thoughts and feelings and learning how to use those as your creative superpower. Becoming a self-taught artist who finessed being vulnerable, guided by your inner voice.

So here it is: a huge exploring zone of all kinds within creativity and development of the self. Offering different courses, workshops and sessions which contribute to your creative spirit in order to become the self-taught artist you've always wished to be. A safe place for limitless dreamers and curious thinkers. It’s a free mind, maybe even a little spiritual. Holistic and humanistic at least - autonomy is paramount.

It’s a witty little rebel, always trying to deconstruct established beliefs and ways of thinking. It’s quite unconventional and it’ll never forget to also look left, up and down when the world is only looking one way.

Welcome to The Disruptor Island, where you’re never too creative, too weird or too much."

- Romy Bresseleers